Serve on a DuPage County Board or Agency (yes, you!)

DuPage County needs you (yes, you!) to apply to serve your county on various boards and agencies. The county relies on community members to serve on these committees and they can be a great opportunity to give back.

Since joining the board, I have been careful to watch who our county appoints to these positions — individuals should be chosen based on their qualifications and passion. I’ve spoken up when members vote to appoint individuals who have made political contributions, especially when those contributions are to the chairman or current sitting members. One way to end this practice is to continue to draw attention to it and to work with community partners to find solutions through an improved ethics ordinance. Another, quicker way, is for you to apply to serve on these bodies yourself.

One of my favorite leaders, Jason Kander, has advice for those who look around at their political leaders — locally or nationally — and are disappointed by what they see. He tells them to “grab an oar” and get to work yourself. Use your skills, talents, time, and passions — whatever they may be — to help make your community a little better.

Ready to grab an oar? Apply to serve DuPage County HERE.